Open positions

The overarching aim of our work is to understand the neural basis of avian cognition. We study mostly corvids species, carrion crows and jackdaws but we also work with pigeons. A core interest of the group is the neural mechanism of working memory, particularly capacity limitations and the control of working memory. Other topics include learning of sequences, categories, and extinction learning as well as episodic memory.
In all projects, we seek to find similarities or differences between the brains of birds and mammals in order to identify general biological principles of cognition.

Our work requires extensive behavioral training, extracellular recordings, MRI and data analysis in Matlab. You are the ideal candidate if you have experience with (some of) these techniques and a background in neuroscience or a related field. But most importantly, you need a keen interest in the research topic and you have to have the patience to conduct the experiments and to learn the techniques that you might not yet have mastered.

Don’t hesitate to email me if you are interested.