Directions to Rose Lab

Directions by public transport from Bochum main station

At Bochum main station, take the underground U35 heading towards “Hustadt”. You can reach the underground by entering the main hall and following the signs to “U35” and “Hustadt”.

At the station “Ruhr-Universität”, take the stairs up and then keep right. Walk straight ahead, past the library “Universitätsbibliothek” on the right side. Go down one flight of stairs, take a right turn at the square and walk towards the first yellow-black building on your left. This is building GA.

When you enter the building, walk towards the back of the building, walk down the wooden stairs until the end (floor 04 please note the difference to floor 4). Turn 180 degrees and walk straight through the glass door at the far end of the open space.

Jonas Rose’s office (GA 04/47), is about halfway through the corridor on the right side. 

The seminar room (GA 04/184), is about halfway through the corridor on the left side.